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  Lyvrow • Books
• Alys in Pow an Anethow—Carroll’s Alice in Cornish
• Whedhlow Kernowek—Stories in Cornish
• The Cult of Relics: Devocyon dhe Greryow—Kent & Williams
• Jowal Lethesow—Craig Weatherhill
• Three books on Revived Cornish
• English-Cornish Dictionary
• Testament Noweth (and errata)
  An Yêth Kernowek • Cornish Language
• Bibliography
• Principles of authentic Cornish spelling
• Which Cornish?
• Kernowek Kemyn in Cornish Studies 7
• On Ken George’s use of statistics




  Prydydhieth • Poetry
• Marthus—2010, submitted to Gorseth Kernow
• Blejen decka an Corawys—2009, Kesstrif Kencaneth 1st prize
• Ow Marghogeth an Mordarth—2001, Gorseth High Commendation
• Deth Lowen—2000, Gorseth 2nd prize
• Cusk lemmyn, cuf colon—1999, Gorseth 1st prize
• An Maw a Garaf—1998, Gorseth 1st prize
• An Lowarth Cosel—1998, Esethvos High Commendation
• Mernans an Gof—1997, Gorseth 1st prize
• Ancow Arthur—1996
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