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Writings on Cornish

 Cornish Today: An examination of the revived language. Kernewek dre Lyther, 6 Halton Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 6NP, Pow an Sawson (1995).
 A Supplement to Cornish Today: some further problems in Kernewek Kemmyn . Kernewek dre Lyther (1996).
 ' "Linguistically sound principles": the Case against Kernewek Kemmyn' , Cornish Studies: Four (1996), University of Exeter Press, 64-87.
 Clappya Kernowek: an introduction to Unified Cornish Revised. Agan Tavas (1997) ISBN 1 901409 01 5.
 'Indirect Statement in Cornish and Breton', Cornish Studies: Six (1998), University of Exeter Press, 172-82.
 'Nebbaz Gerriau dro tho Carnoack: Notes on the Cornish Language' (the text of the O'Donnell lecture given in the University of Oxford in May 1998). Agan Tavas. ISBN 1 901409 02 03.
 'Pre-occlusion in Cornish', Studia Celtica 32 (1998), University of Wales Press, 129-54
 *'Long o-type vowels in Cornish', a critique of an unpublished article by Dr Ken George.
 *'"A modern and scholarly Cornish-English dictionary": Dr George's Gerlyver Kernewek Kemmyn of 1993'. This detailed review concentrates upon the many inaccuracies in the dictionary about the origin and attestation of words in traditional Cornish. N.B. An enlarged and revised version of this article will be appearing in Cornish Studies: Eight (2000).
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